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digital markers for mental health & wellbeing

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A digital interface to understand your well-being status through estimates of your emotional resilience, i.e. your ability to manage and cope with stress and emotional response.

Connect your favourite health apps  and devices to automatically collect data. You will immediately receive your well-being scores, and learn how your body and brain relate to environmental stressors and what actions you can take to improve your emotional well-being.


Device Agnostic

Basically, any health device is supported, trough SDK or Health Apps APIs! We provide also specific plug-in for medical-grade or research devices, in case you need a deeper level of data flow and granularity.

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Mindful Twin

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Vital Signs

Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability,
Skin Conductance, Respiration rate, Movements, Activity, Sleep Quality etc.


data sources integration, standards, API, authentication & privacy

Ai models

State of the art AI models, self learning


Mental Health Status, Activation Response Quality, Relaxation Capacity, Mind-Body Energy

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mood, anxiety, stress indicators at your fingertips


Estimates of emotional resilience and mind-body balance to cope with future stressful situations.

Developing awareness

Get to know one's wellbeing, stress drivers and useful resources and support.

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Use cases


clinical research


mental wellbeing sport professionals

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Do you want to know more about how stress affects our mental well being and how can we measure it?

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