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Psychiatry Clinical Trials Challenges

CNS & Psychiatry

Pick the right patient population

Nonspecific factors can influence study outcomes:

  • Inclusion of non-informative patients for therapeutic indications

  • Inefficient capture of self assessed reports

  • Site and patient bias in any self assessment

Track & quantify changes

  • Standard instruments have psychometrics properties for which they don’t act as linear scales

  • Lack of objective, multi faceted, biomarkers coherence on the self assessed reports

  • Issues in medication seizing

  • Site and patient bias in any self assessment

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Prescription Drugs


of CNS Clinical Trials


Average Placebo Response

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signal can be distinguished from noise

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it's all about decrypting signals

a multimodal approach to disease specific patterns

SENSEDAT uses a multimodal approach to detect different physiological & behavioral data related to the Autonomous Nervous System Response, which are transformed into disease specific information

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identifying clinical phenotypes from their physiological activation

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your advantage?

better patient selection

enhanced data informativeness

reduced sample size & trial duration

take control over placebo response

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what you get

Digital Diagnostic and Monitoring

mood and anxiety disorders symptoms

Applicable to clinical and non-clinical population

Early identification of at risk cases.

Predictive Outcomes

Prognostic estimates on disease severity

Fully hosted on Cloud

+ proprietary algorithms
+ fully hosted on cloud
+ Cloud As A Service & Rest API

Data Cloud
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Data management & security


Complying with the FDA cybersecurity guidance across all the layers of the stack.

Continuously updating according to the changing cyber threat landscape

HIPAA & GDPR compliance

Encrypted PHI (Protected Health Information). Patient consent management - adults and adolescents, multi revision, multilingual, multi types.   Audit logs - patient behaviour, caregiver access, device events.  Compliant multi region data routing - supporting multiple cloud deployments and routing of device data.

Device & data collection management

Device and gateways management - pairing, mutual authentication certificates, remote configuration, events, alerts, log collection, and firmware updates (FOTA).  Real-time and offline monitoring and analysis

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