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mental well-being in sport professionals

Dealing with overtraining and mental issues in athletes

When practicing physical activity, one should be conscious that too much activity may undermine mental and physical health. Situations of intensive training are intentionally sought by coaches to increase performance. Functional overreaching must be specifically tailored to the individual and constantly monitored to be effective and avoid overtraining.

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Track athletes' well-being

Monitor athletes' mental and physical well-being.
Know more about athletes' capacity to deal with stressors and restore energy.

Improve sport performance

Get the best out of the training sessions by properly assessing athlete's psychophysiological status. 
Train when your body is ready and take a rest when is needed.

Prevent burnout and reduce risk of injury

Forecasting analytics will help you decide when it's best to take it slowly. 
Get risk prediction for injuries and athletic burnout and prevent their onset.

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