Real-world data allow to better design and conduct clinical trials and studies in the health care setting to answer questions previously though infeasible.

With the analytical capabilities of our algorithm we are able to collect and analyze these data and apply the results to medical product development and approval.

Real World Data

Bring Real World Data to your research, by continuously collecting everyday life patient's data.

Clinical outcomes

Discover relationships with your clinical outcomes, or make stress level a clinical outcome itself 

Sleep quality

Stress and arousal measures have shown strong correlation with sleep reported quality. Measure sleep quality with no invasive instruments!

Wellbeing Quality of life

Stress level variations, can indicate overall changes in quality of life of people.

  • Quality of sleep

  • Motor activity

  • SNS activation



Together design and customize your solution to clinical trial needs.


Cloud based analysis of raw data to provide different indicators and features of SNS activity


Sensedat comes with a full set of services that make sensor connected 24/7

api rest

Connect your systems for third parties applications, or further analysis

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