From science to people's life

Sensedat was born in 2016 from the idea of two researchers who wanted to bring scientific knowledge closer to people's daily lives. Our founders, after years of experience in neurological rehabilitation, knew that patient observation was the key path to more effective treatment and a better quality of life for people. They wondered if it was possible to create a systematic, human-based, reliable and simple method of observation to enter into the inner emotions and brain processes that drive change in people's lives.


Sensedat combines wearable and digital technology with our proprietary analysis software to monitor stress and emotional experience continuously and on time.


The fields of application of this solution are many, and we have not yet explored them all! From healthcare, to corporate well-being, to insurance, Sensedat stands out as a truly versatile tool for monitoring and evaluating stress response.


We use clinical knowledge to provide our customers with in-depth insights

based on physiological

& behavioural data



We use simple and familiar solutions to our customers


We rely on innovation and scientific research to ensure the safety and functioning of our products


We care about the promotion of human potentiality and the reduction of risks related to physical and psychological factors.



Giovanni Gentile

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CEO, Co-Founder


Roberta De Mitri

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CSO, Co-Founder

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Claudio Manca

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CFO, Co-founder


Alberto Ruzzon

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CTO, Co-Founder

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Michele Cataudella

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CIO, Cloud Architect

Advisory board


Tommaso Leonardi

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Clinical Trial Manager, CTNI


Marco Solmi

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PhD, MD, Psychiatrist